5 Thoughtful Wellness and Self-Care Gifts for Women


There are a variety of self-care and wellness products you can use in your daily routine to promote relaxation and de-stress. In this guide, you'll find my top 5 picks that will make the perfect self-care gift for a loved one or yourself!

plush slippers

Every woman needs a pair of soft plush slippers to wear. They're comfortable, breathable, and come in a variety of colors!

exfoliating net

African Exfoliating Nets are great for removing dead skin cells and helping you reach hard to clean areas. It doesn't hold bacteria like other sponges and can last for years.

dr teals bath salt

Upgrade your bath routine by investing in Dr Teals Bath Salt! The essential oils can help calm your mind while the salt provides relief for sore muscles.


The Five Minute Journal has guided gratitude exercises that you answer every morning and night that will help you focus on the positive. This will keep you encouraged!

silicone brush

This is perfect for sensitive skin. It's easy to clean and won't hold bacteria since it's made out of 100% silicone. You can also use the back of it for a gentle massage!

Self-care looks different for everyone. Some may enjoy journaling, pampering their skin, or even sipping a glass of wine while reading a book. Focus on what makes you feel good!