6 Best Body Scrubs for Sensitive Skin


When you have sensitive skin, you want to be careful when purchasing exfoliants - one wrong choice can lead to a flare-up. Most people are hesitant to exfoliate, however, there are many body scrubs for sensitive skin that will leave you smooth, glowing, and irritation-free.

Dove Rice Milk Body Polish

This body polish has a rich, whipped texture that creates a creamy lather as you rub it on your skin. It's not abrasive and a little goes a long way. It also smells delicious!

Tree Hut Pineapple Scrub

The Pineapple Scrub smells exactly like tropical fruit with notes of pineapple, lemon, and sugarcane. Pineapple contains Vitamin C which is known to brighten and even the skin tone.

Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life

This scrub foams up and has the perfect amount of scrubbing beads that will leave your skin smooth. It's scented with a blend of Rose and Citrus Bergamot - perfect if you like smelling like a tropical island!

Fenty Skin Buff Ryder

Buff Ryder is formulated with sugar, sea salt, and superfine sand to exfoliate while fruit enzymes help soften the skin. These are gentle but still provide an effective exfoliation that will leave your skin silky.

Raw Sugar Watermelon Scrub

This has a mix of sugar, watermelon, and peppermint leaf extract - it helps to exfoliate, brighten, hydrate, and smooth. I love the texture and how easily it spreads across the skin.

Dr Teals Pink Himalayan Salt

This is formulated with a blend of Pink Himalayan Salt and Epsom Salt which help to gently exfoliate and soften the skin. The Bergamot and Sweet Orange essential oils can soothe your senses and help you relax!

Add these sugar scrubs to your sensitive skincare routine and get ready to achieve healthy, smooth, glowing skin from head to toe! Check out my blog below to find more tips and product recommendations for your beauty routine.