The Best Moisturizing Body Washes for Dry Skin

Many people focus on finding the best moisturizer to combat dry skin, however, the other products you use matter too! Choosing body washes with nourishing ingredients can alleviate the symptoms of dry skin and provide long-lasting moisture. Here are some to try!

Olay Manuka Honey

If you enjoy bakery scents, then you'll love this body wash! I love the creamy lather it provides and it'll leave your skin smooth and hydrated.

Raw Sugar Watermelon

This body wash smells delicious! It delivers antioxidants, soothes the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties, and protects your skin from external factors.

OGX Shea Soft + Smooth

If you enjoy sweet, edible scents, then this body wash is perfect. It's lightly scented with notes of Vanilla and a warm decadent frosted treat. It reminds me of dessert!

Dove Dryness Relief

This is formulated with Jojoba Oil which is great for locking in moisture and providing nourishment. It doesn't have much of a smell, but it will leave your skin super smooth!

Nivea Vanilla + Sweet Cream

With sweet notes of Vanilla, this body wash gently cleanses without stripping the skin, provides long-lasting moisture, and softens the skin. It smells amazing!