How to Switch to Natural Deodorant


Are You Ready to Switch?

One thing many worry about when transitioning to natural deodorant is smelling funky. However, there are steps you can follow to make the switch less of a challenge

It’s important to go through a detox when you switch to natural deodorant because our chemical filled deodorants clog our pores. The detox process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks



Exfoliate Your Armpits to remove dead skin cells and provide an even skin tone.

Step 1

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Apply a Clay Detox Mask to remove toxins and the build-up of antiperspirants from your armpits.

Step 2

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Use a Natural Toner to neutralize odor and control excess sweating.

Step 3

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Apply Your Natural Deodorant to keep yourself smelling fresh.

Step 4

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More Tips to Follow

Drink Plenty of Water to Flush Out Toxins

Be Patient

Wear Comfortable Clothes

You’ll be able to switch to clean deodorant with confidence by following this armpit detox. No more smelling funky!