The Best Feminine Hygiene Products


Practicing good feminine hygiene is key if you want to maintain your overall health and stay smelling fresh. You want to make sure that you’re choosing safe, effective hygiene options to use on your most sensitive area.

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the honey pot sensitive wash

Very gentle and will keep you fresh all day

the honey pot boric acid

Rebalances your pH and fights bad bacteria

goddess body yoni oil

Can prevent excess bacteria and restore pH

The Honey Pot Herbal Pads are infused with essential oils to provide a cooling effect that can help with cramps. They're also made from pesticide-free cotton and contain no toxic ingredients

Overnight Pads

Regular Pads


Herbal Pads

Super Pads

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Cucumber Aloe Foaming Wash

Cucumber Aloe Panty Spray

Cucumber Aloe Wipes

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Making the switch to safe hygiene products will benefit your routine. You’ll have confidence knowing that you’re using the best products to keep you fresh and healthy.