The Worst Feminine Hygiene Mistakes to Avoid Making


Practicing good hygiene and living a healthier lifestyle can have a positive impact on your vaginal health. However, there are also mistakes you could be making that can cause more harm. Look out for these unhealthy practices and put an end to them immediately!

Using Irritating Soaps

Avoid using scented soaps on your most sensitive area. Fragrances can throw off your pH balance and cause irritation or possible infections. Look for unscented options that are gentle.

Wearing Pad/Tampons Too Long

You should change your period products every 4-6 hours depending on your flow. It will not only help you feel refreshed but also prevent odor and accidental leaks.

Not Changing Razors

It’s important to switch out your razor after using it 5-7 times. Using dull razor blades can cause razor bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs.. There's also a chance it can harbor bacteria.

Avoiding these feminine hygiene mistakes will ensure you remain clean and most importantly, healthy! We all can benefit from learning more about how to maintain the overall health of our most sensitive areas so we can have confidence knowing we’re fresh and problem-free.