Common Face Washing Mistakes to Avoid


Are You Washing Correctly?

The most important step in your routine is washing your face. Although it sounds simple, there are mistakes you should avoid making.

Mistake #1

It’s important to choose a moisturizing face wash that contains natural ingredients and won’t strip your skin.

Using The Wrong Cleanser

Mistake #2

You should only wash your face morning and night. Overdoing it can cause dryness.

Washing Too Often

Mistake #3

Make sure you have clean hands before touching your face! You don’t want to transfer bacteria to your skin.

Not Washing Your Hands

Mistake #4

You should wash your face for at least 60 seconds to give your cleanser enough time to break down dirt and oil.

Not Doing a Thorough Cleanse

Best Face Washing Tool

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You can be confident that your face will be fresh & dirt free by following these tips and avoiding the common face washing mistakes.