8 Essential Bath and Shower Products for Soft Skin


We all need to spend more time on self-care, and what better way to do that than to upgrade the type of products you use in your body care routine? Here are some to check out:

These nets help to exfoliate the skin and it provides an amazing lather for any body wash or soap that you use. One thing that I love is it doesn't hold bacteria like a sponge would. They're easy to maintain and can last for years!

African Exfoliating Net

If you have sensitive skin, then a silicone bath brush is perfect for you! It can be used to remove makeup, exfoliate dead skin, and the back of it can be used to massage the skin to improve blood circulation.

Silicone Bath Brush

Dry brushing helps to increase blood circulation, break down cellulite, prevent ingrown hairs, and promote lymphatic drainage. This Dry Brush is designed with synthetic bristles, recyclable bamboo, and is 100% cruelty-free!

EcoTools Dry Brush

This Epsom Salt is formulated w/ a soothing blend of Hemp Seed Oil, White Thyme, and Bergamot essential oils that will help calm your mind. It also helps to relieve sore muscles, refresh the skin's appearance, and provide deep moisture.

Dr Teal's Epsom Salt

Exfoliating Gloves are made out of textured fabric similar to a loofah. I love using these because you can cleanse and exfoliate in one step. They can prevent ingrown hairs, unclog pores and leave your skin smooth and glowing!

Exfoliating Gloves

Every step in your shower routine can be used to add moisture to your skin, including the type of soap you choose to bathe in. The Naturium Glow Getter body wash will leave your skin nourished, hydrated, and glowing!

Naturium Glow Getter

Exfoliating regularly can remove dead cells, even out your skin tone, and allow your other products to penetrate more effectively. The Dove Rice Milk Body Polish is perfect for sensitive skin. It smells delicious and has a mild lather.

Dove Rice Milk Body Polish

Although there are many vaginal care products to buy, you want to choose unscented options that are formulated with safe ingredients. The L. Feminine Wash is fragrance-free and will keep your pH balanced. This always keeps me smelling fresh!

L. Daily Feminine Wash

Stop neglecting your skin from the neck down and invest in bath and shower products that will help you maintain smooth, glowing, and healthy results! Click on the link below to find more essential bath and shower products for your routine.

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