How to Achieve the Perfect Wash and Go


There are certain steps you need in your regimen if you want to achieve a wash and go that lasts. Here are tips you can start practicing so you can achieve the perfect wash and go style every time!

Freshly Cleansed Hair

A clean scalp and hair are a must when you plan on doing a wash and go. You can’t expect to achieve defined results if you have product build-up!

Deep Condition

Deep conditioning is necessary no matter which style you plan on doing. It helps to restore moisture, improve elasticity, provide manageability, and strengthen your curls.

Style on Wet Hair

This step will vary for everyone, however, I have to apply products on soaking wet hair if I want my wash and go to be defined and moisturized. Follow the LOC method to improve moisture retention.

What is the LOC Method?

Liquid or Leave-In Conditioner adds moisture. Oil helps to lock in the moisture. Cream prevents moisture loss and adds definition.

Use a Gel/Custard

Gels/Custards provide more hold and will also help to define your curls. I use the raking or shingling method when applying them!

Air Dry or Diffuse

Make sure your hair dries completely if you want your style to last and lessen the chance of unwanted frizz. You can air dry or use a diffuser.

Following these tips will help you achieve a wash and go that will last more than a couple of days. You have to remember everything takes time and you won’t get perfect results overnight. Continue to practice and find products and techniques that’ll provide the results you’re looking for.