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Achieve a Defined Twist-Out Following These Tips!

January 9, 2019
How to Achieve a Defined Twist-Out |

Are you tired of your natural hair journey being full of failed twist outs? Do you regret taking an hour or more twisting your hair only for it to be a waste of time? I’ve been in your shoes before, and I understand how frustrating it can become when you can’t perfect a natural hairstyle.

The beauty of natural hair is the versatility, it doesn’t have to be defined all the time! However, you may have those days where you crave perfectly, defined hair. I’m going to provide you with tips on how to achieve a defined twist-out for your natural hair, like the one below!

How to Achieve a Defined Twist-Out |

These tips we’re about to discuss have worked for me and I’m confident it’ll do the same for you!

Don’t unravel your twists until they are DRY

Does your hair take a while to dry? If you end up taking your twists down too early, you run the risk of having a failed style. In order to achieve a defined twist-out, I would recommend wearing your twists for a full day or more before attempting to unravel them.

If you want to achieve a defined twist-out, wear your twists for a full day before unraveling them. Click To Tweet

You can always add accessories to your twists and make them into a cute protective style while you wait for them to dry!

You will go through trial and error to figure out how long your hair takes to dry. As you continue to try different styles, you will learn your hair and know how long you should keep a certain style in.

Add a generous amount of product

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You know how some products tell you to use a “dimesized amount?” Sorry, but that’s not going to work, and it definitely doesn’t fly with my high porosity hair. Before you begin twisting your hair, make sure you’re applying enough product on each section. Don’t be afraid to add more water and product to your hair!

Before twisting your hair, make sure you’re applying enough product on each section. Not a “dime-sized” amount. Click To Tweet

To achieve a defined twist-out, using the LOC Method has worked best for me. Layering my products in this order ensures I have enough moisture in my hair and it’s properly sealed in.

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If you find your products aren’t providing moisture, then that brings us to the next tip:

Try different products

There is nothing wrong with trying new products on your hair, you have to find what works best for you! However, you must remember that every product you see another natural use may not provide you with the same results. You want to listen to your own hair and find products it responds well to.

If you know for sure that you have a good technique when styling your hair but aren’t receiving good results, then swapping out your products may be the solution.

You can’t give up if you want to achieve a defined twist-out, even if you fail multiple times. Everything won’t work out the first time, however, it’s worth it to keep practicing until you get better!

No one goes into their natural hair journey knowing how to do everything right. Keep practicing and remain patient!

Twist in smaller sections

To achieve a defined twist-out, twist your hair in smaller sections. This will provide more definition than volume once you unravel them.

If you want to achieve a defined twist-out, it’s best to work in small sections. In the beginning of my journey, I attempted to do a twist-out in big sections, but I ended up with more volume than definition. When attempting a defined twist-out, a mediumsized (or smaller) twist will provide the best definition.

Working in smaller sections may be your solution to failed twist-outs. Take your time when styling your hair and make sure you’re twisting each section the same way. You don’t want some twists to be loose while others are tight.

If you want to achieve a defined twist-out, twist in smaller sections and make sure you’re twisting tight enough. Click To Tweet

Do your twist-out on wet/damp hair

How to Achieve a Defined Twist-Out |

This tip will work differently on every head of hair. Some naturals may be able to achieve a defined twist-out on dry hair while others have to begin on damp/wet hair for the best results. If you decide to work on dry hair, make sure you’re using enough product to keep your hair moisturized and combat frizz.

If you’ve never styled your twist-out on damp/wet hair, then I’d recommend trying it! The twist out I did above was achieved on damp hair, and I found that this provided me with the definition I was looking for.

Add perm rods to the ends (optional)

Adding perm rods to end of your twists is another way you can achieve a defined twist-out. This step is optional, however, I love the curl it provides for the ends of my hair.

Back when I was transitioning to natural hair, I had to wear perm rods at the ends of my twists since they didn’t coil on their own. If the ends of your hair aren’t curling the way you want them to, or if you want to add more curl, then adding perm rods can fix this issue.

Even though I no longer have to wear perm rods every time I do this style, I love the curl it provides at the ends.

I know incorporating these tips will help you achieve a defined twist-out for your natural hair. It may not happen instantly, however, with patience and practice you will have it down!

During your natural hair journey, you’ll have to find what your hair likes and dislikes. You can pretty much say you’re re-learning your hair. You can make the most out of your journey by not giving up and loving your natural regardless.

What are some tips you have for those who want to achieve a defined twist-out? Have any of these tips worked for you?

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There are steps you should take in your regimen in order to achieve a defined twist out. Follow these steps so you can achieve a twist out that is moisturized, long-lasting, and moisturized.
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  • Reply Dayna October 5, 2019 at 10:11 am

    These tips were so helpful ! Actually noticed the bigger my twist the more I wasn’t satisfied with the curl once I unraveled. I’ve been doing smaller twist and noticed a huge difference! So glad to hear I’m on the right track lol I’m still testing with products. A lot of them I’ve used left me looking like a snowball it wasn’t cute.

    • Reply Madisen October 5, 2019 at 7:57 pm

      Thank you for reading sis and I’m glad they were helpful! Girl I feel you 😩 some of these products are a hit or miss, but eventually you’ll find the perfect combo for your hair!

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