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6 Basic Tools You Need for Natural Hair

June 23, 2018
Here are 6 hair tools you need for your natural hair journey.

When I first began my journey, I remember searching everywhere for the right hair tools for my natural hair. I’m sure most of you understand how overwhelming it can be to start something new and not know what you’re doing!

During my journey so far, the following tools have helped me get through wash days and styling my hair. These hair tools are affordable and can be found in your local beauty supply stores or Amazon!

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Wide Tooth Comb

This is the number one tool I’d recommend you start your natural hair journey with. Those rat tail combs don’t need to be anywhere near your hair. I know some people use rat tail combs to part their hair or detangle their ends, however, it’s best to stay on the safe side.

Using a wide-tooth comb can help with detangling and it also reduces breakage. I can’t see myself going through my journey without it!

Detangler Brush

6 Tools You Need For Natural Hair | Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush.

One of my favorite tools for natural hair is the Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush. I heard great reviews about this brush and had to try it for myself. Let’s just say, the hype is real!

This brush does an amazing job at detangling without ripping your hair out as some other tools do. In my opinion, it’s better than using a Denman Brush. Before using this, I’d recommend you finger detangle first. I always finger detangle before using any hair tool on my natural hair.

Satin Bonnet

Owning a Satin Bonnet is important when you start your natural hair journey. Wearing satin preserves your curls while you’re sleeping and helps you retain moisture longer. If you don’t wear a satin bonnet, you risk losing moisture and causing breakage due to the friction between your hair and your cotton pillow.

If you don’t want to wear a bonnet, then you can invest in a satin pillowcase which offers the same benefits.

Flairosol Bottle

Water will become your natural hair’s best friend. Investing in a spray bottle is essential so you can ensure your hair stays hydrated. The spray bottle I’d recommend is called a 360 Water Mist Spray.

The mist is continuous and sprays just enough water on your hair. You won’t have to worry about drenching your hair accidentally when you’re only trying to refresh your style. You can add plain water, Aloe Vera Juice, or your own DIY mix in this bottle.

Hair Clips

Another hair tool for natural hair you should invest in is hair clips. Using clips in your hair will make sectioning and styling easier, especially if you have long, thick hair.

These clips will keep your hair in place and allow you to focus on one section at a time. I would recommend the clips above because they are longer and grab more hair. The hair clips can also be found at your local beauty supply store!

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a great accessory for your natural hair and can also control hair strands that won’t stay in place. You can even use them to make a style pop or stand out more if you purchase them in different colors.

There are many other hair tools for natural hair, however, these are the main ones you should start your journey with so you can be prepared.

What are your favorite hair tools to use?

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Here are 6 tools you should invest in for your natural hair journey. |
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