How to Switch to Natural Deodorant Without the Funk

April 4, 2021

If you ask anyone who has tried to make the switch to natural deodorant what the worst part is, they’ll more than likely say the body odor.

I’ve tried to transition to a safe option a few times in the past and could never stick with it because who wants to walk around smelling bad 24/7? I couldn’t stand it.

Did you know that you should go through a detox process before making the switch?

When you’ve been using conventional deodorants for years and try to switch to a natural formula, your body doesn’t react in the best way.

These deodorants have spent a lot of time clogging up your pores which prevents your body from naturally detoxing itself or sweating.

Yep, we’re supposed to sweat! This is how your body naturally removes toxins. Conventional deodorants change your body’s bacteria which is why a detox is needed.

I finally found a detox routine that works and it has helped me stay on track to switch to natural deodorant. It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for your body to naturally adjust to it. Detoxing can speed up this process!

In this post, I’m sharing an easy 4-step routine and tips you can follow to make the switch to natural deodorant easier and less funky.

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How to Switch to Natural Deodorant

Find the Perfect Deodorant

I’ve tried many natural deodorants that have irritated my armpits and I felt like I would never find the perfect one.

Thankfully, I was introduced to IPSY Refreshments’ latest launch: their Breezy Deodorant Collection. I was able to partner with them and try it out!

Here are some features of this line:

  • Offers 24-hour odor protection
  • Aluminum and baking soda free
  • Doesn’t clog your pores or cause irritation
  • Formulated with clean ingredients
  • Vegan + cruelty-free

It comes in 4 amazing scents: Unscented, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Pacific Fizz. All of them smell great but aren’t overbearing if you’re sensitive to smell.

Using these in combination with my detox routine has helped me have a successful switch to natural deodorant.

Click here to check out my Instagram post about these products!

My Detox Routine

Now, let’s get into my detox routine that I’ve been following to switch to natural deodorants! You can follow these steps as often as needed.

If you want to see a tutorial featuring these steps, then check out this reel to see my detox routine in action!


Although I exfoliate regularly, I never thought about doing it for my armpits. Our armpits deserve the same amount of love and TLC that we provide for the rest of our skin.

Exfoliating your armpits helps to remove dead skin cells and residue from your deodorant. It can also get rid of hyperpigmentation and provide an even skin tone. Choosing a gentle exfoliant that isn’t abrasive is important for this step.

Here are a few of my favorite body exfoliants that I recommend for sensitive skin:

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Detox Mask

After you exfoliate, you want to apply a clay detox mask. Doing this will help remove toxins/chemicals and the build-up of antiperspirants from your armpits and make the transition process quicker.

You can use a charcoal mask for this step, however, I went with a staple I’ve been using in my beauty routine for years which is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.

I also added Apple Cider Vinegar which can help with the odor you experience. Make sure you use a plastic bowl and spoon when mixing up this DIY! I add equal parts of both and mix until it has a creamy consistency.

Apply it to your armpits and wait 15-20 minutes for it to harden before rinsing the clay off.

If you want to make it even more relaxing, you can add any leftover clay you have on your face so you can have the perfect self-care routine!

Use a Natural Toner

Just like we use toner on our face, there are benefits of using it on our armpits during the transition process and afterward.

A toner can neutralize odor by killing the bacteria and control excess sweating. It also does a great job at maintaining the pH balance of your armpits.

Isn’t it crazy how we’ve never thought about doing these steps for our armpits? However, once you start the transition to a natural deodorant you’ll see why this step is a necessity!

Some products you can use as toner are Apple Cider Vinegar and Witch Hazel.

You can also use toners with exfoliating acids such as Glycolic and Salicylic which will remove dead skin cells, provide smoother + brighter pits, and keep you smelling fresh.

Apply Your Deodorant

After you finish applying your toner with a cotton round, follow up with your natural deodorant and then you’re good to go!

The IPSY Refreshments deodorant has continued to keep me smelling fresh throughout the day and I highly recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin.

A few other things you can do to make the transition process less of a hassle are wearing comfortable clothes and drinking plenty of water!

With the Summer months around the corner, I’m sure you’d want to get this process started as soon as possible. Just know that it’s worth it in the end because you’re choosing a safer option for your body.

Making the switch to clean beauty in my routine has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I’m glad that I finally found a deodorant that I can use with confidence and know that I’m nice and fresh!

Before you make the switch to natural deodorant, give this detox routine a try and I promise you’ll notice a difference.

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    Thank you!

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      Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad it’s helpful! Yes, share this with him so he can join the team 🥰

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