5 Shaving Products You Need for Smooth Skin

May 2, 2022
Black woman shaving her legs

Shaving can either be a task that you don’t look forward to or become a moment of self-care to pamper your body. Ever since I upgraded what I use in my shaving routine, I look forward to it. There are many shaving products for women that will help you achieve silky, smooth skin and make hair removal easier.

If you want the feeling of soft, hair-free legs underneath clean sheets after a long day, then you need these products that we discuss in this post!

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Best Shaving Products for Women

BIC Flex 5 Men’s Razor

BIC Flex 5 Men's Razor | Shaving products for women

Switching to a men’s razor has been a game-changer in my hygiene routine. Not only are they more affordable, but they also help me achieve a closer, smooth shave.

My go-to is the BIC Flex 5 Men’s Razor. It has 5 flexible blades and a firm, comfortable grip. I love how it adjusts to the contours of the skin and it’s great for reaching tricky spots that need to be trimmed. It also has a balancing sphere which adds weight for better shave control.

Another benefit of using this is you can keep the same razor handle and switch out the blades as needed. This has helped me save money and it’s convenient!

Flamingo Shave Gel

Shaving cream is essential so that your razor can glide easily across your skin without tugging the hair. My top favorite one to use is the Flamingo Foaming Shave Gel.

It comes out as a gel texture and turns into a pillowy foam that’s creamy. A little goes a long way and spreads nicely across the skin.

The shave gel has a warm, floral scent but it’s very subtle. It does an amazing job of adding cushion to the skin which helps you get a comfortable shave. It also rinses easily out of the razor and will leave you smooth and moisturized!

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Tree Hut Shave Oil

I’ve never thought about using oil to shave, but now I can’t see my routine without it! Tree Hut sent me their Tropic Glow Moisturizing Shave Oil and the results haven’t disappointed.

The scent is perfect for this time of the year. It smells like warm, summer skin with notes of almond, amber, and sandalwood.

This gel-to-oil formula provides plenty of moisture and it helps my razor glide smoothly across my skin. It’s great for preventing irritation, nicks, and cuts and will help you achieve a close, smooth shave.

If you’re prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving, then this oil may be perfect for you!

I highly recommend using their Tropic Glow Scrub before shaving and then following up with the Whipped Body Butter once you’re out of the shower! This is the perfect combination to leave your skin silky and soft!

Eos Shea Butter Shave Cream

The first product I tried when I started shaving is the EOS Shea Butter Shave Cream – it’ll always be a staple in my collection. I love the Vanilla Bliss formula — it has notes of vanilla bean, sweet cream, and brown sugar.

This shaving cream is formulated with Shea Oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera which provide long-lasting hydration and protects your skin from irritation.

My skin always feels smooth and moisturized after shaving with this and I’ve never had to worry about uncomfortable nicks or razor burn.

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Gillette Sensitive Shave Gel

The last shaving product I recommend is Gillette Satin Shave Gel. This is something I tried recently and fell in love with. It’s affordable and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

It provides a rich lather that helps your razor glide easily across your skin and protects it from nicks and cuts. I love the gel texture and how soft and smooth this leaves my skin!

This is free of dyes and fragrances that can irritate the skin.

These shaving products for women are definitely worth the investment! Ever since I upgraded the type of razor and shaving creams I use, my skin feels and looks better. I also love that I can get a close shave that lasts and doesn’t feel like a prickly cactus the next day.

Grab these products for your shaving routine and start viewing it as self-care time that you can look forward to!

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