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7 Ways to Practice Self-Care as a Content Creator

September 22, 2020
Self care for Content Creators

Although being able to create content is rewarding, it can also become overwhelming at times. We put in the long hours of taking pictures, filming tutorials, and editing content, therefore, making time to practice self-care as a Content Creator is a must.

Constantly working without taking a break can take a toll on your mental and physical health. You can’t show up for your audience or provide consistent, valuable content if you’re not well-rested.

Since we’re on social media more often than others and running a business, it can get draining. One of the hardest things to bounce back from is burnout, and you can avoid that by following these self-care tips in this post!

It’s time to recharge and relax so you can continue to build a successful brand!

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Self-Care for Content Creators

Take Regular Breaks

From the outside looking in, you may believe creating content is simple, however, that’s not the case!

Creating is hard work and it takes a lot of time and dedication to build a community while expanding your brand.

It’s important to unplug from social media and take regular breaks. You can’t continue to show up as your best self or pour into others if you’re not well-rested.

Focus on providing valuable content and don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re not able to post every day. It should always be quality over quantity!

Set a Schedule

Learning how to set healthy boundaries and creating a realistic schedule is a great way to practice self-care as a Content Creator.

It’s easy to get caught up in filming and creating content all day. Unfortunately, this can lead to burning out quickly when you don’t know when to stop working.

We don’t spend all day at a 9-5 job, so why would you do that as a creator?

Some people may choose to create content on the weekend and post three times throughout the week. You have to find a posting frequency that works best for your lifestyle.

Having a schedule will help you put more time into your personal life and give you uninterrupted days to focus on yourself.

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Build Personal Relationships

Don’t get me wrong, having Internet friends is great, however, you should still have relationships outside of social media.

It’s important to find a balance so you can have a personal life outside of your business. You don’t want to get caught up in building your brand and end up placing everyone else on the back burner.

You can find other creators in your area and make plans with them. I’ve been able to meet women who have encouraged me and taught me a lot that benefited my journey.

It’s nice to have friends who understand what you do and how much work goes into content creation.

Turn Off Notifications

Turning off notifications has been a game-changer when I’m taking a break from social media. I don’t have to worry about my phone going off throughout the day and can focus on relaxing.

Instead of being bombarded with messages and unanswered notifications, I have affirmations to look at when I pick up my phone.

I recommend writing down encouraging quotes and setting them as daily reminders. This keeps me in a good mood and improves my mental health.

I check social media when I’m ready and in a positive space. It’s refreshing to have a quiet phone when you want to rest.

Outsource Your Work

As creators, we wear all of the hats for our brand. It can become exhausting being your own photographer, editor, makeup artist, and administrator.

Whether you want to hire someone to answer emails, run your social media platforms, take your pictures, or edit your content, outsourcing your work will free up your schedule.

I’ve seen many entrepreneurs recommend a website called Fiverr when you’re ready to hire help. They have affordable prices and different services you can invest in.

Once you have the resources to outsource your work, I highly recommend doing so!

Start Journaling

Sometimes we’ll face challenges with our brand and need to vent. Having a journal will help you express your emotions in a safe space.

Holding in your frustrations will eventually cause you to lose motivation to create content. When I allow my emotions to build up, this can discourage me mentally and it’s not a fun space to be in!

Journaling can help you to relax and release anything that has been bothering you. You can also write down positive affirmations, things you’re grateful for, and the goals you want to achieve.

You can purchase The Five Minute Journal to write in or download an app on your phone.

Stop Comparing Yourself

The last way to practice self-care is to stop comparing yourself. I know it’s easier said than done, however, comparison will lead to discouragement.

Getting caught up in the numbers and algorithms can become frustrating. You may see someone else growing faster than you or securing more partnerships — this may cause you to feel like you’re doing something wrong even though you’re working hard to build your brand.

You have something unique to offer and will attract the right audience and brands over time. Believe in yourself and know that you’re doing the best you can.

It’s okay to admire someone else’s content, however, don’t become obsessed with following their strategies and get discouraged if you’re not seeing results.

I’m sure you have many ideas running through your mind every day, however, you can’t execute them if you don’t practice self-care as a Content Creator and choose yourself first.

Finding a balance between your brand and private life is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t be afraid to take a step back when you’re overwhelmed. When you finish your break, you’ll be ready to put out the valuable content your audience follows you for!

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  • Reply Veronica September 23, 2020 at 6:28 am

    Thanks for this post. It’s important that we take care of ourselves. The “stop comparing” slapped me in the face. I used to compare myself to other bloggers and quickly realize our lifestyles are different. So what they are able to do I may not have the time or I may not have a schedule (which is important) to allow me to do what they do. I used say how so people have all this time to make Reels. lol

    • Reply Madisen September 24, 2020 at 1:58 am

      Thank you for reading! I’ve also fallen into the comparison trap (and still do at times) but I catch myself now before allowing it to discourage me. Like you said, everyone’s lifestyle is different and you never know what they have going on behind the scenes! You have to work based on your schedule. Everyone’s journey won’t look the same and that’s the best part about it.

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