12 Best Personal Hygiene Products for Women

September 29, 2021

As women, we need to give extra attention to our body care routine and overall health if we want to stay fresh and prevent infections. Investing in quality personal hygiene products will help you smell good and feel more confident in your appearance.

Whether you’re looking for products that will keep your breath fresh, intimate washes, or a razor that will provide a smooth shave, you’ll find it in this post!

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Personal Hygiene Products for Women

TheraBreath Oral Rinse

TheraBreath Icy Mint Oral Rinse

An essential personal hygiene product that every woman needs is mouthwash. No one wants to walk around with bad breath!

If you haven’t been able to find a mouthwash that actually works, then TheraBreath is the perfect option.

I found out about this brand not too long ago and I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this! TheraBreath is a vegan, alcohol-free oral rinse that can help you fight bad breath for up to 24 hours.

After using it, I have to say this mouthwash is the truth. It really does keep your breath smelling good all day!

BIC Flex 5 Razor

BIC Flex 5 Men's Disposable Razor

Have you ever heard a woman say that men’s hygiene products are cheaper and work better? Well, I’ll have to agree, especially when it comes to the BIC razor.

I’ve never tried a men’s razor before, however, I decided to add this to my shaving routine after seeing another person recommend it. All I have to say is, you need this!

The razor comes with 5 blades and provides a close, smooth shave. My skin has never felt so soft after shaving before I bought this.

I love that it comes with blade refills so you can easily switch it out once it’s time. This will help you save a lot of money since you don’t have to constantly replace the razor!

Flamingo Foaming Shave Gel

Flamingo Foaming Shave Gel

Another great personal hygiene product is the Foaming Shave Gel from Flamingo. Using a cream while shaving is important to prevent your razor from tugging the hair and causing irritation.

The pillowy texture will leave your skin smooth and you don’t have to worry about this getting stuck inside of your razor. It washes off easily and the scent smells slightly warm and floral.

The Flamingo brand has great body care products and I highly recommend checking them out!

The Honeypot Sensitive Wash


The Honeypot has been a staple in my feminine hygiene routine for a while now. Every product that I’ve tried hasn’t disappointed me.

Their Sensitive Foaming Wash will keep you smelling fresh throughout the day and night. It can boost moisture levels, calm irritation, and balance your pH while providing a gentle cleanse.

When you’re choosing products for your vaginal area, it’s important to make sure they’re not overly fragranced. You shouldn’t be using anything that claims to make you smell like fruit or flowers.

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L. Foam Feminine Wash


Another quality foam wash that I recently added to my routine is from the L brand. Their Daily Care Feminine Wash is free of fragrances and will keep your pH balanced.

One thing that I love about this brand is with every purchase, they donate a period care item to a person in need.

I enjoy supporting brands that give back to others, and we all know how difficult it can be to buy period products in some areas around the world.

Take the time to support this brand so you can be a part of its mission to make period care accessible!

Lola Pads

Don’t you hate when you wear pads and they end up bunching together? I finally found a brand that fixed this concern!

Lola’s pads are designed with a woman’s body in mind. Their pads have an hourglass shape and wings that will comfortably fit your underwear.

These pads are also organic and breathable and great for women of any size.

Method Body Washes

Method Body Washes

If you’re looking for quality body washes for dry, sensitive skin, Method is a great brand to check out.

Their plant-based, cruelty-free cleansers are formulated with nourishing ingredients and come in different scents to fit the mood you’re in.

Although I have all of their body washes, the top one that I recommend is Simply Nourish.

It’s infused with Coconut, Rice Milk, and Shea Butter and will leave your skin feeling like silk. The sweet scent lingers on your skin for hours and the lather it provides is amazing!

Hempz Body Moisturizers

Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Creme

Moisturizers are another important personal hygiene product you should use daily.

Out of every lotion that I’ve tried, the Hempz brand is my favorite. Their products are formulated with Hemp Seed Oil which helps to deliver supple, nourished, moisturized skin.

Whenever I get out of the shower, I love applying their lotions to damp skin and I never have to worry about reapplying them. They provide long-lasting moisture and will keep your skin smooth.

They have a variety of scents to choose from and they all smell amazing. Here are some of my favorites:

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Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important to wear no matter the season or weather. I used to be that person who would skip this step and complain about not achieving the skin I desire. However, that changed once I started using Black Girl Sunscreen.

I love that this is brown-girl-friendly and doesn’t leave a white cast. It absorbs quickly into the skin and doubles as a moisturizer which is a lifesaver for those with dry skin like me!

They came out with a new formula not too long ago called Make it Matte and I also fell in love with it. Instead of a cream, it’s gel-based and provides a matte finish after applying it. It has an SPF of 45 and contains natural ingredients.

This is the perfect sunscreen for your morning routine and will keep your skin protected year-round!

L. pH Balanced Wipes

Feminine wipes are great to use when you need a midday refresher. Whether you’re on your period or have been working out, it’s easy to reach for these when you need a boost of freshness!

The L. Organic Fragrance-Free Wipes are my main go-to. They’re unscented, hypoallergenic, and designed for sensitive skin. I also love how affordable they are.

These have done a great job of keeping me fresh down there throughout the day, especially when I’m on my cycle. They’re made out of organic cotton with no dyes, fragrances, or other harmful ingredients other wipes may have.

These wipes are the perfect size and quality. I wish they were flushable but other than that, I recommend grabbing these while you’re on the go!

Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs

Tree Hut Coco Colada Shea Sugar Scrub

Exfoliating regularly will help remove dead skin cells, provide an even skin tone, allow your products to absorb better, and leave your skin smooth.

Every woman needs a good exfoliant, and one brand that I recommend is Tree Hut.

Let me quickly say that the hype is real. These sugar scrubs not only smell really good, but they do their job well. I love that they aren’t too abrasive for my sensitive skin and come in a variety of scents.

Shop my favorite Tree Hut sugar scrubs below:

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Find Your Happy Place Body Spray

Find Your Happy Place Catching the Sunrise Body Mist

There’s nothing like having a good fragrance to use daily. I recently found a brand called Find Your Happy Place at Walmart and decided to try their Catching the Sunrise Body Spray.

I’ve never been a fan of body mists or perfumes because I’m sensitive to smells. A product that’s overly fragranced can cause headaches, however, this spray isn’t too strong.

It’s scented with notes of sparkling pink grapefruit, sweet mango, wild pineapple, and golden amber.

These personal hygiene products will take your routine to the next level. You want to always pamper yourself and find products that will keep you smelling and feeling good.

Ever since I started to become more intentional about what I use in my hygiene routine, it has turned into a form of self-care. I look forward to keeping up with my overall body care and appearance and hope that my routines inspire other women to do the same!

Try some of these products in your personal hygiene routine and watch how much of a difference they make.

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