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A Simple Regimen For Women Who Are Newly Natural

June 16, 2018
I finally decided to big chop and embrace my hair. Check out my newly natural hair regimen to see how I've been taking care of my hair!

I decided to big chop at the end of April and embrace my natural hair. Being newly natural is one of the best decisions I’ve made for the health of my hair. It’s time I update you with my current regimen and let you know what I’ve been doing with my newly natural hair!

Some things have changed while others remained the same. Remember, you don’t have to follow my regimen. Use this as a guide for building your own based on the state of your hair.

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Pre-Poo Treatments

Doing a pre-poo treatment is important for newly natural hair because it helps you detangle before shampooing. This step can make the cleansing process easier. There are pre-made treatments you can invest in or you can create your own DIY using conditioners and oils.

Using a pre-poo treatment has the following benefits:

  • Protects your hair from being stripped
  • Improves softness and manageability
  • Helps gently removes tangles + knots
  • Adds moisture to your hair + scalp

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You can either do your treatment overnight or the same day you wash your hair. Personally, I enjoy leaving mine in overnight, especially if my hair is feeling super dry! Although this is an extra step to include, pre-poo treatments provide many benefits in the long run.


Whether you decide to do it weekly or bi-weekly, shampooing your hair regularly is important. You want to find sulfate-free shampoos with nourishing ingredients. There are other ways to cleanse your natural hair such us co-washing and clay washing. Co-washing is great to do midweek when you need to add moisture back to your hair. I don’t recommend relying solely on this step because it can cause product build-up in the long run. However, it’s great to do every now and then!

Clay washing is something I’ve been doing since my transitioning hair days. Using these has the following benefits:

  • Detoxes the hair
  • Lifts dirt + oil from your hair + scalp
  • Removes product build-up
  • Provides conditioning effects

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I incorporate a clay wash in my regimen once a month to give my curls a fresh start. It’s important to remove product build-up from your hair because this can stunt growth and impact how good your styles come out. With all of the different products we pile on our hair each week, it’s great to have this cleanser in your routine.

One of my favorite brands that creates pre-made clay washes is Chocolate Kinks & Kurls. She has a variety to choose from, I love the Rhassoul Clay and Aloha Rose Clay Wash. If you don’t want to purchase one, you can create your own DIY. Some popular clays to use are Bentonite, Rhassoul, and Kaolin.

Deep Condition

Deep conditioning natural hair is important if you want healthier hair.

Deep conditioning every wash day is key. This step should be a priority in everyone’s regimen, especially if you want healthier hair. I alternate with a moisturizing and protein deep conditioner depending on what my hair needs. Keeping a good moisture-protein balance is important! For example, I use moisturizing conditioners 3 times each month, and then I follow up with a protein treatment once a month.

Here are the benefits of deep conditioning:

  • It restores moisture to your hair
  • Provides strength
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Can reduce breakage + shedding
  • Provides better manageability

If you’re looking for a variety of moisturizing and protein deep conditioners to try for your newly natural hair, check out this blog post.


Braid out on natural hair using Curl Me Knot products.

The most important thing on your journey is keeping your hair moisturized. After you finish deep conditioning, it’s time to style your hair and use products that’ll provide your curls with the moisture it needs. One method I recommend following that’ll keep your hair moisturized for days is the LOC Method.

LOC stands for Liquid, Oil, and Cream. This method helps you layer your products in a certain order that’ll increase moisture retention. Each product you apply locks in the moisture from the previous one. Using the LOC method while styling your hair will prevent water from escaping and keep your hair moisturized longer. If you find that this method isn’t beneficial for you, you can try the LCO method and switch how you layer your products.

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I always start with saturating my hair with water. Since I have high porosity hair, I get the best results when I style on soaking wet hair. Then I follow up with an oil to seal in that moisture. Finally, I use a cream and then I’m ready to begin styling my hair.

Night Time Routine

How you care for your hair at night is just as important. Having a nighttime routine for your newly natural hair will ensure your styles last longer. One tool I recommend investing in is a satin bonnet/pillowcase. Sleeping on satin material will protect your curls from breakage, prevent moisture loss, and reduce breakage + shedding.

You can get your own customized satin bonnet like the one pictured above at Cee’s Design Shop. She’s a small, black-owned brand! Her bonnets are comfortable to wear and you don’t have to worry about it coming off in the middle of the night.

Another step to include during your nighttime routine is a scalp massage. Scalp massages are great for promoting hair growth, strengthening your roots, and distributing natural oils throughout your hair + scalp. You can do them as often as you’d like, I do mine 2-3 times per week! Oiling my scalp and massaging it keeps my scalp feeling great until the next wash day.

One of my favorite handheld massagers to use on my scalp can be found below on Amazon. I’ve been using this for months and it always leaves my scalp feeling great. Check out this video to see how I use it for my scalp massages.

You have to find a regimen that’ll work best for your newly natural hair, however, these are the basic steps I recommend starting off with. Once you find a regimen you can stay consistent with, you’ll be on the road to healthy, natural hair!

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