The Best Places to Buy Organic Feminine Hygiene Products

May 26, 2018
Goddess Body Yoni Oil for feminine hygiene. |

I’m all about supporting small black-owned brands on Instagram who create natural and/or organic products. I’ve found better products for my hair, skin, and now feminine hygiene. Feminine hygiene is important for all women. We have to make sure we’re choosing the best products to use on our most sensitive area.

For example, fragrances in products aren’t good to use because it can throw off the pH balance of your vagina, therefore, causing odor and other irritations.

I was a huge fan of Summer’s Eve products, however, when I did my research on their ingredients, it was terrible finding out what I was using. I threw away everything and invested in brands that sell natural feminine hygiene products.

In this post, we’re going to discuss some of my favorite products to use in my feminine hygiene routine. These products contain organic ingredients and are handmade by women.

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Goddess Body Yoni Oil

Goddess Body Yoni Oil for feminine hygiene. |

I’ve been using this Yoni Oil for months now. I love this new addition to my feminine hygiene routine! All of the ingredients are natural and you’re able to keep this bottle for up to 6 months.

You would apply this after taking a shower/bath and it’ll keep you fresh throughout the night! I pair this with a Yoni Shower Gel (listed later on in this post) and both have worked amazing for me.

This oil contains plant-based feminine herbs, oils, and minerals that aid your body in naturally restoring flora balance and assists in the healing and prevention of excess bacteria.

Chocolate Kinks & Kurls Her Bar

Top All Natural Feminine Care Products | Chocolate Kinks & Kurls Her Bar for all natural feminine care.

Another organic feminine hygiene product I tried and loved is the Her Bar from Chocolate Kinks & Kurls.

The Her Bar lathers easily and it doesn’t have a fragrance which is perfect! This cleanser is gentle and formulated to balance your pH so you can remain fresh after your shower/bath. It’s also formulated with probiotics and promotes balanced lady parts.

I love the benefits this soap has provided me and I recommend this to all women who want to invest in better products for their feminine hygiene routine.

Authentic Vibrations Cooty Cat Bar

Another organic feminine hygiene product I love is Authentic Vibrations Cooty Cat Bar. |

When I saw this soap on Instagram, the design immediately caught my attention! The Cooty Cat Bar from a brand called Authentic Vibrations is an amazing addition to your feminine hygiene routine. Don’t worry, the colorants she uses are safe for the skin!

This soap provides a peppermint sensation, but it’s nothing that causes irritation. Using her soap has many other benefits such as:

  • Lightens the bikini area
  • Kills bad bacteria
  • Balances your pH
  • Antifungal properties promotes a healthy and clean vagina

She also sells a Cooty Cat Shower Gel that is just as good as using the regular bar of soap. Both of these are organic feminine hygiene products you should definitely invest in!

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Fab You Life Lotus Soap

The last organic feminine care product I recommend is the Lotus Soap from Fab You Life. |

The last organic feminine hygiene product I recommend is the Lotus Soap from a brand called Fab You Life. This is an unscented bar that provides a gentle cleanse for your sensitive parts. It also lathers easily and helps to balance the natural pH of your vagina.

It contains ingredients that will keep you feeling fresh even during the Summer months! Here are some of the ingredients:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (helps promote freshness)
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Rhassoul Clay

Add these organic feminine hygiene products in your regimen and get rid of any soaps that contain chemicals and/or ingredients that aren’t good for your lady parts! It’s important to pay attention to what you’re using, especially when it comes to your feminine hygiene.

There’s nothing like smelling and feeling fresh every day and knowing you’re providing the best care for your sensitive area!

Do you use natural and/or organic feminine hygiene products? What are your favorites?

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It's important to maintain a good feminine hygiene routine, and choosing the best products to use is the first step to take. Here are a few brands you can purchase all-natural feminine hygiene products from.
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