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5 Ways to Effectively Moisturize Your Natural Hair

December 4, 2018
Ways to effectively moisturize your natural hair

One thing all naturals should achieve on their journey is learning how to effectively moisturize their natural hair. If you want your curls to flourish and stay manageable, you’ll have to ensure that your hair has the proper moisture when it’s needed.

A common problem among naturals is dealing with dry hair. I decided to come up with 5 ways you can effectively moisturize your natural hair so your curls can remain healthy. Keep reading to check out these tips and incorporate them into your current regimen.

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Deep Conditioning for Moisture

Using a Hot Head when deep conditioning transitioning hair is more convenient.

We all know how important deep conditioning needs to be in our weekly natural hair regimen. It plays a big part in providing moisture and it’s also necessary if you want to maintain healthy, natural hair. This step can either make or break your moisturizing routine, so make sure you’re doing this regularly.

Deep conditioning plays a big part in providing our natural hair with the moisture it needs. You want to do this step regularly. Click To Tweet

A moisturizing deep conditioner can replenish your hair’s moisture, promote elasticity, and contribute to healthy hair growth. You can enhance the benefits of your deep conditioners by adding extra nourishing ingredients and using heat in the process.

A great way to add heat while deep conditioning is by using a steamer, hooded dryer, or microwavable cap.

Check Your Ingredients

There are many hair products on the market that contain harmful ingredients that can lead to excessive dryness. With consistent use of these products, you can eventually damage your hair.

Go through your product stash and get rid of any products that contain harmful ingredients such as:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Mineral Oil
  • Phthalates
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

Focus on products that contain ingredients that are nourishing and will ensure your hair stays moisturized. Some ingredients to look for are: Water (as the first ingredient), Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Honey, and Natural Oils.

LOC Method

The LOC method is an abbreviation for Liquid or Leave-in, Oil, and Cream. This method is used by many naturals and has become a popular technique in the natural hair community for promoting moisture retention. Using this method will ensure you apply and lock in the moisture for your natural hair.

The LOC method is used by many in the natural hair community to increase moisture retention. Click To Tweet

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The first thing you should apply to your hair is either plain water or a water-based leave-in conditioner. You would follow up with your choice of oil and then a styling cream. Depending on your hair, you can even use butter or gel for the last step!

Incorporating this method in your natural hair regimen will help you retain moisture for days after styling. If you notice your hair still lacks moisture even while doing this method, you may have to switch up the products you’re using or the order in which you apply them.

Hair Steaming

When you use a steamer for your natural hair, it adds moisture in the form of moist heat to your hair. Some benefits of steaming your natural hair include:

  • Can reduce breakage by adding moisture
  • Lifts your cuticle and allows your product to easily absorb (this is perfect for those with low-porosity hair)
  • Ensures your hair remains hydrated and healthy

I recently purchased a Q-Redew, a handheld steamer that can be used to refresh your styles, deep condition, and detangle while adding moisture to your hair. Using a Q-Redew is a good way to add moisture without having to drench your hair with water. The warm steam will penetrate your hair shaft and provide more manageability for your natural hair.

I’m going to be honest, after using the steamer a couple of times on wash day, I don’t think it’s a necessity to have in my regimen. I did have great results using it for deep conditioning, however, that is the only good use I found from it. Although this steamer isn’t one of my favorites, that doesn’t mean it won’t work for your hair!

Use the Proper Hair Tools

Keeping your natural hair moisturized doesn’t only come from the products we decide to use. The hair tools you have can also determine how well your hair retains moisture. One important tool to have in your stash is a satin bonnet (or pillowcase).

Satin material helps keep the moisture you apply to your natural hair from escaping during the night. If you sleep on a cotton pillowcase or sheets, this can cause friction and you’ll end up losing moisture. This can also lead to dryness, breakage, and split ends.

Laying on satin helps keep the moisture you apply to your natural hair from escaping throughout the night. Click To Tweet

It doesn’t matter if you invest in a satin bonnet or pillowcase, both provide the same benefits and will ensure your natural hair is protected throughout the night. You will also maintain a fresh, moisturized style longer when properly caring for your curls at night.

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If you want to achieve healthy, natural hair, then it’s important to know how to effectively moisturize your hair and retain that moisture.

After using these 5 ways to moisturize your natural hair, you’ll notice a change. I know I’ve noticed a change in how long my hair can retain moisture after incorporating these healthy hair care practices into my current regimen.

What are some ways you ensure your natural hair stays moisturized? Have you used any of the tips above?

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