The Top Must-Have Makeup Products for Beginners

July 23, 2019

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I recently started becoming interested in makeup. I’m not a professional, but I’ve learned a lot in my spare time from watching tutorials and asking friends what the best makeup products for beginners are.

When you shop for makeup online or in-store, I’m pretty sure you’d be overwhelmed! There are many products and you may wonder if you need all of them. Well, I‘m here to tell you that you don’t! It doesn’t take a lot to give you a natural, fresh look.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the must-have makeup products for beginners. I found that having these particular products is best for anyone starting their makeup journey.

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Makeup Products for Beginners


Foundation is the base of the makeup look you’re going for. Here are some reasons for wearing it:

  • Covers imperfections
  • Provides an even skin tone
  • Blurs your pores
  • Provides a matte or dewy finish

If you want to choose the perfect foundation, you want to consider the type of coverage you’re trying to achieve and your skin type. Some examples of formulas are liquid, cream, powder, and serum.

Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation Fluid is a must-have makeup products for beginners.

My favorite is Josie Maran’s Vibrancy Foundation. It’s formulated with 100% pure Argan Oil and provides medium-to-full coverage. This is perfect if you have dry skin as I do!

It applies smoothly and lasts all day. I love that it’s lightweight, breathable, and helps to hydrate and soothe my skin.

Concealer/Color Correcting

Concealer is used for the following reasons:

  • It covers dark spots + circles
  • Brightens a tired complexion
  • Neutralizes skin discoloration

It can be used alone or in combination with your foundation. Most women purchase concealers that are one or two shades lighter than their skin tone.

The Vibrancy Full Coverage Concealer from Josie Maran will always be my go-to. It’s perfect for all skin types and can depuff, brighten, and nourish your skin. I enjoy using this on its own when I don’t feel like applying layers of makeup.

Color-correcting concealers come in different tones to cancel out discoloration. Here are a few examples:

  • Peach cancels out dark circles + hyperpigmentation
  • Green is used to cancel out redness + inflammation
  • Purple cancels out yellow spots + brightens skin
  • Orange neutralizes dark spots for medium/deep tones

When using color-correcting concealers, it’s important to apply them before your foundation. One of my favorites is the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in orange. It provides medium coverage and does an amazing job of hiding dark spots on my face.


I went years thinking I couldn’t wear lipstick because it wouldn’t “fit” me, however, now I enjoy trying different shades and feel more confident while wearing it. There are many types of lipstick such as:

  • Matte
  • Cream
  • Glossy
  • Stain

I enjoy wearing matte which is a shine-free alternative to glossy lipstick. They tend to last longer and have a drying effect on your lips.

Before applying matte lipstick, I make sure to exfoliate and moisturize my lips. Doing those steps will help you to avoid discomfort or dryness while wearing it throughout the day.


Wearing mascara can lengthen and provide volume for your eyelashes. This is the perfect makeup product for beginners since it’s easy to use!

If your lashes aren’t as long or bold as you’d want them to be, then wearing mascara will help you achieve that look.

You have the option of waterproof or non-waterproof mascara. I love it when my mascara is non-waterproof because I’m able to remove my makeup easily at the end of the day.

Here are some of my favorites:


Eyeliner is applied to your upper and/or lower lash line and it helps to define your eyes by making them stand out more. You can choose from liquid, pencil, or gel formulas.

Liquid eyeliner, in my opinion, isn’t beginner-friendly. If you don’t have a steady hand then this may not be the best option.

Applying a pencil eyeliner is easier and I love using this for my eyes. Using pencil eyeliner is perfect if you want to achieve a smoky eye or “smudged” look.

Gel eyeliner creates the best smoky eye looks and is easy to blend.

If you’re new to makeup, having these products are great if you’re not sure where to start. Learning how to apply it will take time, patience, and most importantly, practice!

Don’t waste money on products that you’ll barely wear or don’t know how to use. Start with the basics and work your way up from there.

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  • Reply Kaya August 21, 2019 at 10:35 am

    I really appreciated this post! I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner, but I am by no means an expert, so it’s nice to get a good overview post like this!

    • Reply Madisen August 21, 2019 at 10:53 am

      Thank you for reading sis! Yes that’s exactly why I wanted to write this post, I think it’s a good starting point for anyone starting their makeup journey instead of purchasing a bunch of unnecessary products!

  • Reply Jay September 30, 2021 at 6:35 pm

    Do you have any suggestions for women with sensitive skin who are new at makeup?

    • Reply Madisen October 1, 2021 at 1:54 pm

      All of these are sensitive-skin friendly and have worked for mine.

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