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How to Wash Your Starter Locs Without H2O

June 28, 2021
Waterless Hair Care product range

This blog post is sponsored by Waterl<ss Hair Care. My reviews reflect my honest opinions and experiences with the products.

I’ve had my starter Locs for a little over 2 months now and I’m loving them. This journey has been exciting, however, it’s much different than taking care of loose natural hair. One difference is not being able to wash my hair weekly anymore.

When you first get your starter Locs, they’re more prone to unraveling with manipulation, which includes shampooing. Of course, I don’t want all of my hard work to go to waste, so until my hair starts to lock, I see my stylist once a month for a wash and retwist.

It has been a struggle waiting to wash my hair because my scalp becomes dry and irritated easily, however, Waterl<ss Hair Care has been a lifesaver! I’m able to give my Locs and scalp a quick refresher between my monthly retwists.

If you want to learn how to wash your starter Locs without worrying about unraveling or puffy roots, keep reading to see my non-wash routine with the best dry shampoo foam and conditioner spray!

How to Wash Your Starter Locs

About Waterl<ss Hair Care

Waterl<ss Hair Care was created and launched in Cape Town, South Africa during the Day Zero water crisis in 2018. Many were dealing with water shortages due to severe droughts and quickly running out of water.

Did you know washing your hair can use over 10 gallons of water?

The team wanted to help in any way they could, and that’s how their product line came about.

Waterl<ss offers women and men a full range of products for diverse hair types that can be used without a single drop of water. It’ll keep your hair feeling, looking, and smelling fresh without ever stepping into the shower.

Whether you’re choosing to skip a wash day to save time or your hair from manipulation, this collection has you covered!

3-Step Non-Wash Routine

This simple 3-step routine with their products is great for keeping my starter Locs and scalp clean until I see my Loctician!

Here is how to wash your starter Locs without using H2O:

Dry Shampoo Foam

Dry Shampoo Foam from Waterless Hair Care

The Dry Shampoo Foam is used to cleanse and refresh your hair at the roots. It does a great job of absorbing oil and removing product build-up.

Here is how to use it:

  • Shake it up well
  • Apply to the palm of your hand (a little goes a long way)
  • Work the foam into your scalp
The texture of the Dry Shampoo Foam from Waterless Hair Care

The foam dries quickly and leaves my scalp feeling nice and clean!

Dry Conditioner Instant Moisture

Dry Conditioner Instant Moisture from Waterless Hair Care

If you need to add moisture to a dry scalp, the Dry Conditioner Instant Moisture has you covered!

This leave-in conditioner spray controls frizz and flyaways, moisturizes dry ends, and can help you detangle without water.

Just like the shampoo, you want to shake the container first before using it. Afterward, you spray the conditioner starting from the mid-shaft down to the ends of your hair.

To make sure this product penetrates into my Locs, I make sure to go through each section and lightly squeeze them.

This is my favorite product to keep my starter Locs moisturized and I love that it keeps them looking fresh and shiny!

A black woman with starter Locs holding up a Dry Conditioner spray from Waterless Hair Care

Rose & Peach Fragrance Mist

Rose and Peach Fragrance Mist from Waterless Hair Care

The last step in my non-wash routine is using the Rose & Peach Fragrance Mist. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also helps control frizz and tames static.

This leaves a light scent for up to 12 hours – if you’re sensitive to smell, you don’t have to worry about it being too overbearing.

I’ve never tried a fragrance mist on my hair – I’ve been missing out! If you love smelling good and want something that will also keep your hair feeling refreshed, then this is the best product to keep on hand.

Pro-Tip: If you want to wear a hat this Summer, make sure to spray this on your hair beforehand to reduce static! I will be following this tip when I put on my Fedora’s.

With the Waterl<ss Hair Care product range, you’re able to actually cleanse and moisturize your starter Locs and enjoy fresh hair! They have products for all hair types and can help you not only conserve water but save time on wash day!

Make sure you purchase these products at Sally Beauty and keep them on your shelf!

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