The Best 7 Feminine Hygiene Tips for Women

February 5, 2019

Maintaining good feminine hygiene should be a priority in every woman’s regimen. We are careful about what we do to our hair and skin, so we should have that same concern for our personal hygiene.

I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of years about maintaining good feminine hygiene. For example, wearing tight clothes can lead to yeast infections, and using chemical-filled products can throw off our pH balance and cause odor and other irritations.

There are important feminine hygiene tips that will keep your vagina comfortable and free from any problems. Following these tips in your daily routine will ensure it remains healthy.

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Maintaining Good Feminine Hygiene:

Avoid Using Scented Products

I was a huge fan of Summer’s Eve products at one point because everything smelled good! We may feel that we’re supposed to smell like a flower, however, that’s not true.

Your vagina naturally cleanses itself. Using products with fragrances can lead to irritation because it’ll alter your pH balance.

There are many brands I’ve found on social media that sell natural feminine care products. Here are some to check out:

For a list of non-toxic feminine hygiene products to use, read this post: Amazing Feminine Hygiene Products to Try Right Now!

Don’t Use a Douche!

Have you ever heard of a woman using a douche? Douching is when you wash or clean out your vagina with water and/or other mixtures.

As we discussed in the previous section, your vagina naturally cleanses itself and removes germs and bacteria from your body. When you use a douche, you can disturb your natural pH balance and wash away the good bacteria.

It’s best to stick with unscented soap and water to clean the outside of your vagina. There’s no need to do anything inside of it.

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Wear Cotton Underwear

Cotton is a breathable fabric that can absorb moisture. If you want to keep yourself fresh, opt for underwear in this material.

Don’t worry, you can still wear your lace or silk underwear, however, you want to make sure the fabric in the crotch is cotton!

When you wear this breathable fabric, you reduce the risk of bacterial growth and infections.

Get Regular Checkups

Scheduling regular checkups with your Gynecologist will help you maintain good feminine hygiene.

Your doctor can provide valuable information on how to keep your vaginal area clean and ensure nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

If you are experiencing any issues, your doctor will be able to treat them accordingly. Don’t try to wait or figure things out on your own.

We have doctors for a reason, right? You should visit at least once a year for a routine pap smear.

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Use Fresh Towels

You should always use a clean towel when you’re washing. When you reuse towels, this can put you at risk for an infection or other problems with your vaginal health.

If you leave a damp towel out, bacteria can cling to the surface. Just think, if you reuse it, you’re only spreading the bacteria. Always wash and replace your towels after each use.

Be Careful While Shaving

If you do shave, it’s important to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

You always want to use a clean razor. Do NOT share your razor with anyone. Sharing a razor will increase the risk of you catching an infection and/or virus.

One of my favorite razors to use is the BIC Flex 5 Men’s Razor. This provides a close, smooth shave and I don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs or irritation.

You want to use a shaving cream or gel that’ll help reduce friction and the risk of cuts. Take your time when shaving, it’s nothing you have to rush through.

It’s best to shave towards the end of your shower because your pores will be open and the hair is softer. Also, you don’t want to use a razor on dirty skin.

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Hydration + Diet

Last but not least, maintaining a good diet and regularly drinking water will help you have good feminine hygiene.

You want to consume lots of fruits and vegetables, and also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and flush out toxins that can cause odor.

I went years not drinking enough water, but now that I know how important it is, I make sure to drink it each day.

My favorite brand can be purchased from Amazon below or your local store. This is the only water I enjoy and it doesn’t have a nasty after-taste.

Following these tips will ensure you maintain good feminine hygiene. You’ll feel more comfortable and happy knowing you’re practicing good habits that will benefit your vaginal health.

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