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Here is where you’ll find a variety of content that’ll help you live a wellness lifestyle. Learn how to make your mental health and self-care a priority. You’ll also find relationship advice and tips on managing negative thoughts.

Mental Health

10 Thoughtful Wellness and Self-Care Gifts for Women

This year has been difficult for many people. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out because of everything that’s happening around us. Although we experience these challenges, it’s still important to make time for yourself to recharge. There are a variety of self-care…

December 3, 2021
Mental Health

The Guide to Finding Peace After a Toxic Relationship

Dealing with toxic relationships can destroy a lot of things: Confidence, anxiety levels, and peace of mind are some that I’ve personally dealt with. When you finally gather the courage to walk away, you may feel empty inside. You dedicated a lot of time…

November 15, 2021

My Personal Experience With the LEEP Procedure

2021 has been nothing short of eventful, but dealing with a scary health concern wasn’t on my list! When you think about your late 20’s, having a cancer scare doesn’t come to mind. But the truth is, it can happen no matter how young…

June 10, 2021
Black woman writing in a journal
Mental Health

5 Powerful Benefits of Writing in a Journal

I’m a huge advocate for journaling because it can have a positive impact on our mental health. Whether you’re venting, setting goals, or repeating positive affirmations, the benefits of writing in a journal are proven to relieve anxiety. I learned about this activity when…

December 20, 2020
Check out this post to find 14 black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands to support this holiday season.

13 Black-Owned Apparel + Lifestyle Brands to Support

Whether you’re looking for candles, jewelry, or clothing, I can promise you there’s a black business out there for you to support. In this post, I’m featuring 14 black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands you should check out! These brands put a lot of work…

November 30, 2020
Black woman in bed with silk eye mask
Mental Health

10 Meaningful Gifts for People With Anxiety

As a person who has struggled with their mental health for years, I decided to put together a list of the perfect gifts for people with anxiety. If you have someone in your life who struggles with this, there are thoughtful gifts you can…

November 2, 2020
Mental Health

Anxiety at Night: Stay Calm and Reclaim Your Sleep

The most frustrating thing that happens when you have anxiety at night is the countless hours your mind races. That annoying tightness in your chest and expecting the worst to come can have you losing out on needed rest. Once your head hits the…

February 23, 2020
Black woman with natural hair showing confidence
Mental Health

How to Gain More Confidence and Start Loving You

Confidence is something we’ve all struggled with at some point. The ones who seem like they don’t have an issue with their confidence are usually the main ones that do. Since this quality is something we aren’t born with, we have to consistently work…

January 12, 2020
Mental Health

Lessons Learned from Being in a Toxic Relationship

We have all experienced some form of hurt and betrayal from someone we loved — a person we thought would never leave us broken. Being in a toxic relationship can tear you down and make you feel like you aren’t good enough. You may…

November 10, 2019