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Are you an upcoming Blogger or Influencer? Here’s where you’ll find tips on building your personal brand on social media. You’ll also learn how to start pitching to brands and what you should know before working with them.

Blogging Tips

6 Foolproof Ways to Become a Consistent Blogger

The number one question I’ve been asked since I started blogging in 2018 is “how do you stay consistent with blogging”. Many factors come into play when you’re running a blog and trying to build a social presence on other platforms. Things can get…

March 28, 2021
Blogging Tips

How to Negotiate Brand Deals as an Influencer

Before you start working with brands, you should expect a negotiation process. Each partnership will have different requirements and some offers may not be pleasing to you. Negotiating brand deals as an Influencer comes into play when a partnership isn’t mutually beneficial. You want…

January 25, 2021
Find 16 of the best gift ideas for Bloggers and Influencers.
Blogging Tips

16 Gift Ideas for Bloggers and Content Creators

There’s a lot of work that goes into being a Content Creator. We wear all of the hats for our brand: Editor, Blogger, Photographer, Stylist, Makeup Artist, Administrator, and more! Since starting my journey, I’ve been able to invest in a better setup when…

December 13, 2020
Black woman working on a laptop
Blogging Tips

Pinterest for Beginners: How to Set Up Your Profile

Pinterest is bae, okay?! If you aren’t on this platform, you’re missing out on an opportunity to expand your reach. Millions are constantly looking for ideas that inspire them or solutions to their problems – I recommend all content creators take advantage of this…

October 26, 2020
Find 10 helpful apps for Content Creators to download that'll boost productivity and help you stay organized.
Blogging Tips

10 Helpful Apps for Content Creators to Download

Investing in yourself on your journey as a Creator is important. No matter how much experience you have, you can always learn something new from others! There are many tools and apps for Content Creators that’ll boost productivity, improve the quality of your content,…

October 21, 2020
Find 7 of the best self-care tips for Content Creators.
Blogging Tips

Self Care for Content Creators: 7 Tips to Follow

Although being a Content Creator is rewarding, it can also become overwhelming at times. We put in the long hours of taking pictures, filming tutorials, editing content, and promoting our brand, therefore, practicing self-care is a must. Constantly working without taking a break can…

September 22, 2020
Blogging Tips

How to Increase Your Income As A Content Creator

Having multiple streams of income is important when it comes to being a Content Creator. When I started blogging, I had no clue that you could make money writing posts and creating content for others. Once I found that out, I looked into the…

August 30, 2020
Blogging Tips

7 Ways to Create an Engaged Audience on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best apps to use if you want to get your blog and personal brand noticed. We’ve talked about strategies to follow in a previous blog post on growing your following. One of the most important factors that I discussed…

June 16, 2020