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Beauty is an important part of our daily routine. Here’s where you can find effective products to use in your natural hair and skincare routine. You’ll also learn tips that’ll help you take better care of your personal hygiene.


5 Best Clean Beauty Products for Dark Spots

Do you know what’s a pain in the butt? Waking up to a new breakout on your face. And what’s even worse? Once it starts to clear up, you’re left with hyperpigmentation to get rid of. Dealing with issues like this can make us…

February 9, 2020
Natural Hair

The Best Remedies to Promote Natural Hair Growth

Do you ever feel like your hair has been stuck at one length for the longest? There are a variety of things you can do in your regimen to promote natural hair growth and also retain that length, which is the most important! I’ve…

January 19, 2020
A black woman with a makeup palette from Morphe

How to Achieve Flawless Makeup Every Morning

You have a long day ahead and know that you need your makeup to be on point, what steps would you take to achieve that? Let’s just say, you can be an expert with makeup and applying your products, however, none of those skills…

January 5, 2020
A black woman using a dry brush on her leg

The Best 5 Exfoliants for Sensitive Skin

When you have sensitive skin, you have to be cautious about the type of products you use. One small thing can cause irritation and set you back in your routine. Choosing gentle products with nourishing ingredients is important, especially when looking for the best…

December 8, 2019
A black woman with defined curly hair
Natural Hair

How to Start Caring for Low Porosity Hair

We all know that I’m a high porosity girl, however, I have many readers who have low porosity. It’s only right that I include tips on caring for low porosity hair, I can’t leave you guys hanging! I’ve done a lot of research and…

December 1, 2019
Natural Hair

How to Prevent Breakage on Your Natural Hair Journey

Everyone will experience breakage at some point during their journey. Even something as simple as daily manipulation can lead to it. Before we talk about how to prevent breakage for natural hair, keep in mind that it’s different from shedding. Shed hair has a…

October 13, 2019

5 Common Shaving Mistakes to Avoid Making

If you want to stay away from uncomfortable ingrown hairs and razor bumps, then it’s important to make sure you’re avoiding common shaving mistakes in your routine. Avoiding these mistakes that we’re about to discuss will help you achieve a close, smooth shave every…

September 22, 2019
Must-Have Vegan & Cruelty-Free Lipsticks

The Best Black-Owned Lipsticks for Women of Color

Lipstick has recently become my favorite makeup product. I went years thinking wearing lipstick wasn’t for me, but I’m glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone and gave them a try. I’ve tried a variety of bold, bright lipsticks and fell in love…

September 9, 2019
A black woman holding a brush with curly hair
Natural Hair

Make Detangling Easy and Get Your Life Back!

I’m excited to have Rachel Nelson, founder of Coil Guide, come and provide this topic as a guest on my blog! In this post, she’s going to teach you how to make detangling easy and get your life back! Detangling is one step I…

August 27, 2019