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Are you a new or seasoned naturalista looking for tips? Here’s where you’ll find tips on how to properly care for your natural hair. You’ll also learn of safe, effective products to use during your journey. Let’s reach your health and length goals!

Popular, effective ways to cleanse your natural hair
Natural Hair

Most Popular Ways to Cleanse Your Natural Hair

How do you cleanse your natural hair? I’m going to take a wild guess and say you use shampoo, because who doesn’t, right? Shampooing your hair is important to remove product build-up and give your curls a fresh start. Although using shampoo is the…

February 19, 2019
Natural Hair

How to Maintain Healthy, Natural Hair During Winter

Once the temperatures start dropping, it’s easy for your natural hair to become dry and brittle. It’s important to find ways to prevent the harsh, cold air from wreaking havoc on your curls! We have to learn how to maintain healthy hair during the…

January 30, 2019
How to grow healthy, natural hair
Natural Hair

Grow Healthy Natural Hair Quickly With These 6 Tips!

If you ask any natural what one of their hair goals are, you’ll more than likely hear them say “grow healthy natural hair.” I mean, who doesn’t want hair down their back these days? Unfortunately, some people tend to look for shortcuts or believe…

January 1, 2019
Learn 5 ways to effectively moisturize your natural hair.
Natural Hair

5 Ways to Effectively Moisturize Your Natural Hair

One thing all naturals should achieve on their journey is learning how to moisturize their natural hair. If you want your curls to flourish and stay manageable, you’ll have to ensure that your hair has the proper moisture when it’s needed. Dryness is a…

December 4, 2018
Find out what the LOC method is the benefits of using it in your natural hair regimen.
Natural Hair

A Quick Breakdown of the LOC Method for Natural Hair

Do you struggle with keeping your natural hair moisturized? It’s a common problem naturals deal with on their journey. However, there’s a method that will help you go days without having to constantly moisturize your natural hair. If you’ve done your research, then you…

October 30, 2018