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Are you a new or seasoned naturalista looking for tips? Here’s where you’ll find tips on how to properly care for your natural hair. You’ll also learn of safe, effective products to use during your journey. Let’s reach your health and length goals!

Natural Hair

Sis, You Need to Pre-Poo! Here is Why.

I’ve talked about pre-poo treatments for natural hair frequently on the blog. It deserves to have its own post because that’s how beneficial it is for your routine! One thing I noticed when I brought up pre-pooing on my Instagram is many people either…

October 27, 2019
Natural Hair

How to Prevent Breakage on Your Natural Hair Journey

Everyone will experience breakage at some point during their journey. Even something as simple as daily manipulation can lead to breakage. Before we talk about how to prevent breakage for natural hair, I want you to keep in mind there’s a difference between breakage…

October 13, 2019
Natural Hair

Make Detangling Easy and Get Your Life Back!

This week’s blog post is a little different. I’m excited to have Rachel Nelson, founder of Coil Guide, come and provide this topic as a guest on my blog! In this post, she’s going to help you figure out how to make detangling easy…

August 27, 2019
Have you ever wondered if you can really get rid of split ends? Find out in this post! |
Natural Hair

Can You Really Repair Split Ends?

Have you ever looked at your hair and found those annoying splits at the ends? You may feel like you’re doing everything right in your journey, but then you wonder why it’s happening so often. How can you get rid of split ends that…

June 27, 2019
Natural Hair

13 Must Have Tools for Your Natural Hair Journey

When I started my journey, there were so many products and tools for natural hair that people recommended. I had no clue where to begin! I started with the basics, however, over time I’ve found tools I felt were necessary for anyone’s journey. These…

April 23, 2019
Natural Hair

6 Effective Ways to Care for High Porosity Hair

Porosity was a topic I tried to avoid. It seemed too complicated and didn’t make sense, however, I soon realized how important knowing your porosity is when it comes to natural hair care. I found out I had high porosity hair and started researching…

March 12, 2019
Find black-owned natural hair brands to purchase from
Natural Hair

90+ Black-Owned Natural Hair Brands to Support Now

I didn’t know much about small black-owned brands until I started my Instagram page. There were many products I saw my favorite bloggers rave about, and the best part was they were handmade with natural ingredients. During this time, I was transitioning to natural…

March 5, 2019
Popular, effective ways to cleanse your natural hair
Natural Hair

Most Popular Ways to Cleanse Your Natural Hair

How do you cleanse your natural hair? I’m going to take a wild guess and say you use shampoo, because who doesn’t, right? Shampooing your hair is important to remove product build-up and give your curls a fresh start. Although using shampoo is the…

February 19, 2019