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Have you ever wondered if you can really get rid of split ends? Find out in this post! |
Natural Hair

Can You Really Repair Split Ends?

Have you ever looked at your hair and found those annoying splits at the ends? You may feel like you’re doing everything right in your journey, but then you wonder why it’s happening so often. How can you get rid of split ends that…

June 27, 2019
Must have tools for your natural hair journey to be successful.
Natural Hair

13 Must Have Tools for Your Natural Hair Journey

When I started my journey, there were so many products and tools for natural hair that people recommended. I had no clue where to begin! I started with the basics, however, over time I’ve found tools I felt were necessary for anyone’s journey. These…

April 23, 2019
Natural Hair

How to Prepare Your Natural Hair for Spring

Spring is finally here! I don’t know about you, but I’m happy about the change of season. I was getting tired of the cold weather here in North Carolina! With the weather change, it’s time to look at your regimen and start to prepare…

April 8, 2019
Find tips on caring for high porosity hair. |
Natural Hair

6 Ways to Care for High Porosity Hair

Porosity was a topic I tried to avoid once I began my journey to natural hair. It seemed too complicated to figure out and didn’t make sense, however, I soon realized how important knowing your porosity is when it comes to natural hair care.…

March 12, 2019
Find out why you should buy black and my favorite natural hair brands. |
Natural Hair

Why You Should Buy Black + My Favorite Natural Hair Brands

I didn’t know much about small black-owned brands until I started my Instagram page. There were many products I saw some of my favorite bloggers rave about, and the best part was they were handmade with organic ingredients. During this time, I was transitioning…

March 5, 2019
Natural Hair

Ayurvedic Herbs for Natural Hair + Henna Sooq Review

This blog post is sponsored by Henna Sooq. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are honest and based on my personal experience with the product(s). I’ve been super excited to write this post and share this amazing brand with you! Henna Sooq…

February 26, 2019