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Brand Partnerships: When You Should Decline Them

May 2, 2020
4 Reasons Why You Should Turn Down Brand Partnerships

When you check your emails and notice that brands reached out to you about a collaboration, it’s easy to get excited and think about those free products and cash coming in. However, before you say yes, it’s best to do your research. The last thing you want to do is accept brand partnerships that you don’t want to be a part of.

You might be thinking, “Why would I turn down money, are you crazy?!” Well, all money isn’t good money sis. Although it’s hard to say no, it’s best to think about the future of your personal brand. One thing you want to do is keep the trust of your audience and remain authentic. Choosing your brand partnerships has a lot to do with that.

There are a variety of reasons why you should turn down a brand partnership. That’s what we’ll be discussing in this post!

Reasons to Decline Brand Partnerships

Not A Good Fit

The first reason why you should decline brand partnerships is that it’s not the best fit for your personal brand. Whenever you’re going through your emails, you want to ask yourself: “Do I like this product/service” or “Would I actually use this for myself if they didn’t approach me?

Another thing to consider is whether or not the brand would be a good fit for your audience. If you featured this product/service on your page, would it make sense to them and catch their attention? Or would they look at you sideways and know you did it for money?

You never want to promote a product that you don’t believe in or care for. No amount of money should make you risk losing the trust of your audience, they’ll know if you’re being genuine or not. If you do like what’s being offered or believe it would resonate with your audience, then I’d say go for it! Keep their interests first and you’ll always choose the best partnerships for your platforms.

Not Within Your Niche

A reason you would turn down brand partnerships is because they aren't within your niche.

Your niche is the main topic(s) your platforms focus on. Some examples are fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, travel, and food. Before you start creating content, you should have an idea of what niche you want to focus on because your message can’t be for everyone. Narrow it down to topics you’re passionate about and something you’ll be able to discuss consistently without getting bored.

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Your niche is a factor you should take into consideration before accepting a brand partnership. Although you may be good at doing a lot of things and don’t mind promoting what comes your way, you don’t want to confuse your audience or any brands that may come across your page.

It’s best to stick with what your brand is all about and what you know your audience responds well to. There’s nothing wrong with expanding your niche as time goes on, but you want to make sure everything ties in together perfectly.

You want to stay true to yourself because this will have an impact on the future of your brand. Remember, your platform can’t help every single person and fix their issues. You should have a target audience and create content specifically for them. That’s how you’ll continue to grow a loyal following and find brands you can successfully collaborate with.

Not Being Fairly Compensated

Once you reach a certain point of being a Content Creator, you should get paid for your time and work. In the beginning, you’ll have to accept collaborations for free in order to get your foot in the door, however, you shouldn’t do that forever. Creating content is hard work and you need to be compensated fairly for that.

Unfortunately, you’ll come across some brand partnerships that don’t include paying you. When this happens, it’s up to you whether or not you want to move forward. What value can this brand offer you? Would working with them help you further the growth of your personal brand? What value would they offer your audience? There are some instances where you can accept a partnership for free, however, you want to limit how often you do this.

If a brand isn’t willing to negotiate with you or accept your price, then you can turn it down and move forward. You’ll hear a lot of “no’s” on your journey, however, don’t let that discourage you. It’s important to know your worth as a Creator and not let anyone take advantage of you. Stand up for yourself and remember how valuable you are, brands are reaching out to you for a reason.

Although this journey isn’t solely about money, it’s still important to treat your brand as a business and remember you deserve to be compensated for your time.

No Creative Control Over Content

Brand partnerships should be turned down if you don't have any creative control over the content.

It’s important to remember that although a brand will have certain deliverables and ideas they want for a partnership, you want to make sure you’re still turning the message into your own. You want to be able to organically feature a brand on your feed without making it seem like they copied and pasted your caption and gave you a certain look for the picture. The last thing you want to do is turn into a salesperson and not be yourself when posting a partnership. Your audience will be able to tell and will more than likely be turned off by this.

No one wants to be sold to all of the time. You know what your audience responds well to and what keeps them coming back for more of your content. It’s okay to let the brand give you an idea of what they’re looking for, but it’s up to you to put your own creative spin on it to interest others. Make the content relatable and make sure you keep the purpose of your brand as a priority.

Your personal brand and audience should be a priority when it comes to accepting or turning down a brand partnership. It’s exciting when brands notice you and want to work with you. However, you want to be very picky about who you allow on your platforms.

This is your business and you should continue to treat it that way no matter what.

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    This is a great post that I can definitely relate to Maddy! You’re right! All money isn’t good money! I couldn’t risk the connection with my audience, just for some coins.

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      Thank you so much for reading boo! And exactly, although money is important, trust should always be a priority when it comes to growing our platforms. If we don’t have the trust of our audience, we really won’t make it far. They’re the reason for our success!

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