The Best Moisturizing Body Washes for Dry Skin

October 29, 2021
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Dealing with dry skin year-round can be annoying, however, there are products that can help combat that. Many people focus on finding the best moisturizer, but the other products you use in your body care routine matter too!

Every step in your regimen can be used to add moisture to your skin, even down to the type of body wash you use in the shower.

Choosing the best moisturizing body washes for your dry skin will alleviate the symptoms and provide long-lasting hydration + nourishment.

In this post, I’m sharing my top favorite body washes that won’t leave your skin feeling stripped or flaky. These affordable options are also great for those with eczema!

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Body Washes for Dry Skin

Method Body Simply Nourish


One of my favorite moisturizing body washes for dry skin is Simply Nourish from Method. This brand creates cruelty-free, plant-based body care products that I’ve fallen in love with.

Simply Nourish is formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients such as Coconut, Rice Milk, and Shea Butter and will nurture your skin.

The slightly sweet aroma lingers for hours. I can always count on this body wash to leave my skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

Dove Deep Moisture

From the name, I’m sure you can already tell it’ll provide the long-lasting moisture your dry skin craves. Dove will always remain a staple in my body care routine because their products work wonders!

The Deep Moisture Body Wash is perfect for adding deep moisture with its skin-natural nutrients and nourishing formula. It has a fresh scent and rich lather that replenishes the skin while also providing a gentle cleanse.

St. Ives Oatmeal + Shea Butter

Oatmeal and Shea Butter are great ingredients for dry skin and eczema.

Here are some benefits of using them:

  • Soothes dry, irritated skin
  • Protects + moisturizes
  • Provides relief for itchiness
  • Reduces skin inflammation

The St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter body wash pampers your skin while leaving it soft, supple, and hydrated. Whenever I had issues with my eczema in the past, using body products with oatmeal always gave me the relief I needed.

If you tend to have flare-ups especially once the seasons change, then you need this in your hygiene routine.

Olay Manuka Honey

I absolutely love the scent of the Olay Manuka Honey body wash. If you enjoy bakery-type smells, then you need this!

Thankfully, the smell isn’t overpowering, therefore, if you’re sensitive to certain fragrances, you won’t have to worry about having issues with this body wash or experiencing irritation.

It’s formulated with Shea Butter and will leave your skin soft and smooth afterward. I also love the creamy lather it provides!

Dove Dryness Relief

Another great Dove body wash for dry skin is the Dryness Relief formula. It contains Jojoba oil which is great for locking moisture into the skin and providing nourishment.

This mild and pH-balanced wash helps maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier and delivers natural nutrients to leave your skin moisturized.

In my opinion, it doesn’t have much of a smell, but it does a great job at cleansing without leaving my skin stripped whenever I use it!

Raw Sugar Watermelon + Fresh Mint

Watermelon has to be one of my favorite fruity scents to bathe in. The Raw Sugar Watermelon body wash smells delicious and always leaves my skin feeling brand new.

Who says you can’t smell like fruit year-round? No matter the season, this body wash will leave your skin moisturized and glowing.

Some of its amazing ingredients are Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Peppermint, and Comfrey. These work together to deliver antioxidants, soothe the skin with their anti-inflammatory properties, and protect your skin from external factors.

Whenever you purchase from this brand, they donate a bar of soap to a family in need. Make sure you support their product line to take part in giving back to the community!

OGX Shea Soft + Smooth

If you enjoy gourmand scents (sweet, edible fragrances), then you’ll love the OGX Shea Soft + Smooth body wash. It’s lightly scented with notes of Vanilla and a warm decadent frosted treat. Imagine smelling like dessert all day!

It’s formulated with Shea Butter, Agave, and Coconut Oil and will leave your skin moisturized and smooth. It has an amazing lather and the scent lingers for hours.

Nivea Vanilla + Sweet Cream

Let me just say, I hate that I’ve been sleeping on this brand for so long. If I knew how amazing their body care products were, I would’ve bought them years ago.

The Vanilla + Sweet Cream body wash from Nivea smells so good with its sweet notes of Vanilla. It gently cleanses without stripping the skin, provides long-lasting moisture, and will leave you feeling soft.

I love the creamy texture and foamy lather — it can even be used to achieve a smooth shave!

I’ve tried a few of their body washes and have fallen in love with them. Here are some other ones to look out for:

Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter

The last body wash that I recommend for dry skin is the Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter.

It’s formulated with Vitamin B3 Complex and Shea Butter which hydrates the skin and helps treat dryness. This will help you reveal healthy-looking skin and leave it smooth!

With each use, it will deeply nourish your skin and provide long-lasting moisture. This is ideal for extra-dry skin, dull skin, rough knees, and elbows.

These body washes for dry skin will make a huge difference in your hygiene routine. No more worrying about soaps that leave you feeling stripped, uncomfortable, or flaky!

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