13 Black-Owned Apparel + Lifestyle Brands to Support

November 30, 2020
Check out this post to find 14 black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands to support this holiday season.

Whether you’re looking for candles, jewelry, or clothing, I can promise you there’s a black business out there for you to support. In this post, I’m featuring 14 black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands you should check out!

These brands put a lot of work and passion into their products and I’m happy to share them with you. Using our dollars to support these businesses will only push our community in a positive direction.

Even if you don’t spend money, something as simple as sharing their products can go a long way!

Disclosure: This blog post is partially sponsored by Dream Work Creatives.

Black-Owned Apparel + Lifestyle Brands

Dream Work Creatives

Dream Work Creatives: "Creating is my Superpower" t-shirt.

Danielle Towner is a Creative Marketing Consultant who helps entrepreneurs transform their dreams into an online business. She offers services that’ll help you build a business and transform your visions into reality.

On her website, you’ll find apparel in three different categories:

Her shirts have positive affirmations that’ll give you the boost of confidence you need to show up as your best self. It’ll encourage you to work towards making your dreams come true!

She sent me the one I’m wearing above that says “Creating is My Superpower” and it fits perfectly into my lifestyle since I’m a full-time Content Creator.

Creating is my superpower t-shirt from Dream Work Creatives. Black-owned apparel brands.

The “Superpower Collection” reminds us that we have custom gifts that contribute to our special talents.

Her “Dream Collection” will provide you with the motivation to keep pushing forward to reach your goals.

And finally, the “I Am Collection” includes a variety of affirmations you can repeat to yourself daily to stay encouraged.

You can use my code MADISEN15 to save money on your order(s)!

Jane’s Beauty Clothing

Black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands - Jane's Beauty Clothing

The owner of Jane’s Beauty Clothing, A’Leah Martin, is committed to empowering women to look and feel good at all times.

She wants to provide women with the means to style their life with high-quality, stylish, and affordable clothing.

When I found her on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with her style. She has a variety of clothes to choose from and they look amazing.

You can tell she’s passionate about her work and focuses on providing her customers with quality pieces that’ll last!

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A Curly Girl’s World

Black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands - A Curly Girl's World

Ashleigh is a Beauty Content Creator that discusses all things natural hair and makeup, and she’s the owner of A Curly Girls World.

She recently launched new hoodies and I love the logo on her merch! If you embrace your natural hair, this would be perfect for you to wear.

I love how the woman has an afro and is holding the world in her hands, doesn’t that give you powerful vibes?

On her Instagram, you’ll find content related to taking care of natural hair, beautiful makeup looks, and behind the scenes of motherhood.

Naturally Unique by S.O.S

Black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands - Naturally Unique by S.O.S.

Shanna Simpson is the founder and owner of Naturally Unique by S.O.S where she sells customized wooden jewelry, hair accessories, clothing, and bohemian style accessories.

Her style is unique and I love the different earrings that she creates.

Trust me, as you continue to scroll down her website, you’ll want to add everything to the cart. I appreciate that she keeps black women in mind when creating her accessories.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear earrings that say “black women are dope” or “black girl magic.” I know I do!

Botanist Bee

Black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands - Botanist Bee

Brittanie is the owner of Botanist Bee and you’ll easily fall in love with her good vibes and positive energy. On her Instagram and blog, you’ll find content about taking care of plants and bomb fashion looks.

Her love for plants started because she was looking for something to ease her mind and anxiety. Plants are great to have in your space if you want relaxation and peace, so I can see why this helped her!

You’ll want to hit up her store to find apparel, pouches, and drinkware to express your love for plants.

I don’t have a green thumb, however, she always drops great recommendations for beginners if you’re interested in becoming a plant mom or dad!

Another Brown Creation

Another Brown Creation is a black-owned apparel and lifestyle brand that creates handmade earrings and keychains.

The owner of Another Brown Creation is Stacie. She started her brand because she wanted to celebrate the beauty, value, and creativity of brown girls of all ages.

She’s committed to encouraging others to practice self-love and reminding them that they’re worthy + appreciated.

Her earrings are handmade and she also has keychains to match with them. You have the option of choosing three shades of brown when purchasing her accessories which I think is amazing!

Her products only make me want to embrace my natural hair even more.

State Your Mood

Black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands - State Your Mood

Deanndra Ross is the owner of State Your Mood where she sells products that provide an expressive outlet for her customers. You’ll find home decor, candles, wax melts, drinkware, and beauty products in her shop.

I recently purchased a candle from her and it smells heavenly, okay? I love the different expressions she uses on her products, especially the mugs!

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, you’ll find something that’ll help you express yourself the best.

The Jayne Elle Shop

Black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands to support - The Jayne Elle Shop

The Jayne Elle Shop is your resource for wellness and planning products. After the owner was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26, she was thrown into a world of planning her life around doctor’s appointments and her day to day life as a young black woman with cancer.

She realized how much power lied in ‘writing down the vision‘ no matter how simple or complex it was. Whether it was planning her meals, hair care, or a vision for a new business, keeping track of these activities helped her!

In her shop, you’ll find sweatshirts and stickers that’ll remind anyone who reads them to drink water, take time off, or even go to the doctor for regular check-ups.

She also provides planning sheets that’ll help you stay on track with taking care of your hair and wellness routine.

I found her not too long on Instagram and her backstory is inspiring. I love how she took the situation she was going through and turned it into a business that’ll help and encourage other black women.

Brandi Rell

Brandi is a Beauty Influencer who creates content ranging from natural hair care, makeup, and style. After growing a loyal platform, she decided to launch a collection of merch called “Loyal to My Curls.

Loyal to My Curls was inspired by her natural hair journey and the loyalty she has received from her community on social media.

Her collection is more than about embracing curly hair — it’s a movement that represents genuine love + support, discipline, dedication, and loyalty between like-minded women.

Besides hoodies and t-shirts, you’ll find hair accessories and cosmetic bags in her shop!

Choose L.I.F.E

Choose L.I.F.E - Black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands

Choose L.I.F.E was started by Ana where she sells customized waist beads.

Her passion for holistic health and creativity lead her to start this business. Each piece is one of a kind and it’ll never look like someone else’s.

She uses beautiful color combinations and charms that appeal to the eye and hold meaning. Her waist beads will help you portray a little part of you while also providing a reminder of the importance of your well-being.

Here are a few benefits of wearing waist beads:

  • Can help with weight loss
  • Expresses your confidence as a woman
  • Provides balance + healing properties

You can DM her on Instagram to order!

The Raw Dosage

The Raw Dosage - Black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands to support

Dolce is the creator behind The Raw Dosage where she helps bloggers and content creators develop strategies that’ll drive traffic and increase brand awareness.

She created her brand because she wanted to be a voice for millennials and speak on topics related to mental health, healing, entrepreneurship, and leveling up in life.

She has a collection of merch, handmade paintings, and stickers that’ll give you the encouragement to build your brand while knowing your limitations as a boss!

Pretty Perfect Style

Pretty Perfect Style - Black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands

Pretty Perfect Style is a one of a kind statement bracelet brand that’s handcrafted by the owner Monica Warren.

She uses gemstones, beads, and mixed metals to design unique bracelets — you’ll never find two of the same ones! Aren’t they beautiful?

This brand is for chic and stylish women and will help you express your unique sense of style without blending in with the same mass-produced items others are wearing.

Her collection includes bold colors that’ll take your look to the next level and match with any jewelry pieces you already have in your stash.

Monet Fit

Monet Fit - Black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands

Shantel is the founder of Monet Fit, a luxury activewear brand designed for women on the move to make you look amazing and boost your confidence.

Through her brand, she’s committed to encouraging black women to focus on their health and make fitness a priority while looking great doing it!

Her Signature Seamless Collection is made for stretch, comfort, and fast-drying during intense workouts. They come in a variety of colors and are super cute! If you’re going to work out, you might as well look your best while burning calories.

Shantel is also a Certified Personal Trainer and enjoys teaching women about being healthy + reaching their weight loss goals by offering tools and programs to assist them along their journey.

Make sure you check out her blog for more fitness tips!

There’s a black-owned business out there for everything! I enjoy supporting my community and finding new products to use in my everyday life.

Make sure you check out these black-owned apparel and lifestyle brands and share them with your friends!

We need all of the support we can get, and it all starts with something that’s free – a share.

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    • Reply Madisen December 2, 2020 at 4:14 pm

      Thank you for reading it! I love that there are so many black-owned brands popping up for us to support!

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    Thank you for the love & support of Monet Fit. I’m definitely checking out these other ladies with debit card in hand!

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      You’re welcome! Congrats on the launch of your brand ♥️

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    Loved this post!! You put so much thought & effort into making sure every business owner shined!!! Thank you for including my business and introducing me to new ones!!

    • Reply Madisen December 2, 2020 at 4:15 pm

      Thank you so much for reading sis! And of course, you’re welcome! 🤗 You all are hardworking and deserve to be recognized for it.

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    I love this! I have to check out Jane’s Beauty because the clothes in those photos are too cute! Also State your Mood because I love candles and we have the same name. How can I not support!? I follow The Raw Dosage on Instagram and Twitter…love her stuff!

    • Reply Madisen December 12, 2020 at 5:05 pm

      Thank you so much for reading! Jane’s Beauty has a lot of cute clothes in her shop, I will be shopping with her soon. I’m happy you’ve found some new black-owned brands to support! Yes Dolce is such an amazing person!

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