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My name is Madisen, a 25-year old Beauty and Lifestyle Content Creator living in Charlotte, NC. I’m the creator of Naturally Madisen, a blog for women that features posts related to natural hair, skincare, Blogger/Influencer tips, and other lifestyle topics.

I use my platforms to feature brands that sell products with all natural and/or organic ingredients. You’ll be able to find the best natural products from beauty brands to use on your natural hair and skin by becoming part of my community on Instagram and being a loyal reader of my blog!

Naturally Madisen is a resource for women who are looking to maintain healthy natural hair, clear skin, learn how to start their own beauty blog, and become a successful Influencer in their niche.

About Naturally Madisen

My love for beauty didn’t begin until 2017 when I decided to transition to natural hair and learn how to take better care of my skin. I started documenting my journey in 2018 and received great feedback from others.

It soon became my passion to use my experiences to educate other women on how to take care of their natural hair and skin using the best products with all natural ingredients. That’s when Naturally Madisen was created!

In a society where natural hair is looked at as unprofessional and unmanageable, letting go of your straight hair is difficult. However, I’m here to show you it CAN be done and you can love yourself through the process.

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