About Me

My name is Madisen and I’m a Charlotte-based Blogger and Content Creator that loves all things natural hair, beauty, and wellness! Now that you’re here, here’s what you can expect:

I created Naturally Madisen to teach women how to take care of their natural hair and skin. I also love featuring beauty products that work well for sensitive skin and eczema since I’ve struggled with those concerns for years.

You’ll find tips for making wellness and self-care a priority. Ever since I started sharing my personal story and experiences with anxiety and depression, I’ve been able to connect with like-minded people and inspire them to keep pushing forward.

The last thing you’ll find on Naturally Madisen is tips for Influencers and Bloggers. When I started my journey as a creator, I didn’t have guidance and couldn’t find the answers I needed.

I decided to start sharing strategies and resources that other Influencers wouldn’t. You’ll learn how to secure paid brand deals, grow your platforms organically, pitch to brands confidently, and use Pinterest to maximize your impact.

More than anything, I want to use my influence to inspire others and show that anything is possible. Once you realize that, you’re capable of achieving anything you desire.

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