About Me

My name is Madisen and I’m the creator behind Naturally Madisen, a Charlotte-based beauty and wellness blog that helps women find quality products, improve their wellness naturally, and secure the bag as an Influencer!

I’ve been creating content since 2018 and have developed a passion for skincare, body care, and self-care. My mission is to encourage women to take better care of their personal hygiene, make self-care a priority, and start pampering themselves because when you look good, you feel good.

Through my content, I enjoy sharing tips and product recommendations that will help you achieve the skin you desire while keeping your mind at peace.

On the blog, you’ll also find tips and resources for upcoming or seasoned Bloggers, Creatives, and Influencers.

When I started my journey as a creator, I didn’t have guidance and couldn’t find the answers I needed. As I continued to grow and expand my knowledge, I decided to start sharing strategies and tips that other Influencers wouldn’t.

I love helping other creators learn how to secure paid brand deals, grow their platforms organically, confidently pitch to brands, and use Pinterest to maximize their impact.

More than anything, I want to use my platforms to show others that anything is possible. Once you realize that, you’re capable of achieving anything you desire.

Welcome to my corner of the internet! You’ll love it here.

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